75 minute initial consultation/intro - $100
A detailed analysis of the body's systems, nutritional analysis, discussion, goal setting and
a simple guide to prepare your body for future changes.

45 minute follow-up consultation - $80
Track your progress with a detailed assessment of your dietary needs. With explanations,
education and conversation, these sessions can help lead you through your nutritional
changes. Includes the provision of individualized recipe packages.

75 minute individual menu planning - $250
(price includes one 45 minute follow-up consultation)
I will assess your specific dietary needs, design meal plans based on your nutritional
assessment to last 2 weeks or more. Also includes a shopping list or ingredients list to
help you navigate through your local grocery store with ease.

Fresh Meal Services - $100-$300 (price varies due to groceries and frequency, please contact for a quote)             Just had a baby? Working long hours? Studying for an exam? Recovering from surgery or illness? Just need a little help?   Hire me to prep and make fresh meals, with locally sourced ingredients, following your dietary preferences and allergies. I will also, deliver them straight to your door step or cook them in your very own home. 

60 minute Shopping store tour - $90-$120
Pick from a selection of local natural grocery stores and have me guide you through the store
explaining how to shop, what to look for an why. You will never second guess your
decisions again.

60 minute cupboard raiding - $90-$120
Invite me over to raid your cupboards and discuss with you the few staples that you
should have in your house and throw that junk away!  Includes a general health consultation to ensure you have what you need for your personal health concerns.
*Add a ‘Fill my Cupboards’ follow up in the same week - $60 + groceries
I will personally shop for your staple items and refill your cupboards after the raid.

75 minute personal cooking lesson, in your own home, with your own appliances - $150
Learn a few things about proper cooking techniques that might just make your life easier and ensure you have a better chance of absorbing nutrients. We will discuss oils, raw, traditional cooking methods, why we do these things the way we do and ways to easily prepare for your busy week that will save you time and money.

Meals and snacks for hikers and campers - $50-$200 + groceries                                                                                   Worry about eating healthy, packing light and having enough to sustain you through your adventures in the wilderness?  Let me pack your food for you.  Tell me what food preparation equipment you have to work with, what your food preferences are and I will personally prepare meals and snacks for you to easily heat up or grab and go. However long, however challenging, you'll have one less thing to worry about so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.  

OR - Save money on pre-purchased packages & ensure you reach your health goals!
3 visits: Initial consult + 2 follow-up sessions - $230 (save $30!)
5 visits: Initial consult + 4 follow-up sessions - $370 (save $50!)
2 visits: Prefect Pantry - includes one ‘raid my cupboards‘, one ‘fill my cupboards’ and
one personal cooking class all in the comfort of your own home. - $200 +groceries

Personalized or custom group workshops:

Contact Suzanne to customize a holistic health workshop for a group of 6 or more. 

Example workshops:

Nutrients for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond: learn all about how you can best support you and your baby during the most influential, foundation forming times.  This workshop covers simple foods, recipes, products, and tips for new mamas and mamas to be.  Group of 6-10 = $200                                                                                                                                      Add a personal 15 minute check in to address specific needs or concerns at a later date: $25

Eating Mindfully 1 hr:  learn to restart and restore your digestive system and the way you think about eating food.  This workshop will help you feel more in control of the nutrients you're capable of absorbing.  You will leave feeling able to combat all your health related goals or challenges with a new perspective. Live longer and happier with a the best digestion you can have. Group of 6 -10 = $240

Feeding finicky kids 1 hr: learn basic ways that you can help to educate your young ones about the important nutrients needed for their growing bodies.  Taste and take home simple recipes and fun ways to have your kids feeling excited about fresh nutrient dense foods.  This class is also ideal for anyone planning to have children or currently expecting. Group of 6 -10 = $275

Family 'cookshop' 2 hrs:  From groceries or garden to the dinner table; in your own home or a shared space, you and all the members of your family can take part in a nutrient focused nutrition 'cookshop' geared towards encouraging every member of the family to take part in the food preparation process.  Take home recipes and new education about proper food preparation methods and fun ideas.  Family of 4-6 = $350-$400 (includes groceries and additional use of kitchen ware as needed).

Rental space for workshops is an option for any group size at an additional $30/hr.